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Flamin good Western Box Flamin good Western Box

 ©Brisbane and Gold Coast Firewood  .

 ©Brisbane and Gold Coast Firewood  


Quality Mixed Hardwood


This is a mixture of different Eucalyptus  Hardwoods










1/2 (Half) 6x4  Trailer                                                                          $    80

Loose Loaded 6 x 4 Trailer = 1/2 Cubic Meter                               $  130


Loose Loaded Ute                                                                                 $  230

Wheel Barrow Load                                                                              $    30







Cubic Meter = Ute Load                                                                     $  280  Plus Delivery Charge

1/2  (Half Load) half cubic meter                                                     $  190  Plus Delivery Charge


**We also have a half and half blend of Half Ironbark and Half Mixed Hardwood great value for money at $300 per cubic meter .. (equal to a ute load or two 5 x 4 trailerloads)

All Our Prices Will Have Delivery Charges Added To Them .. Once We know what suburb you are in, we can tell you the cost including delivery.

We are not tree loppers and this is not green tree waste ....                                            It is a select blend of different Hardwoods ready to burn.


PLEASE NOTE:                                                                                                                              We only have mixed hardwood to suit combustion heaters or open fires ... there is no small pot belly or specialty cuts in this timber .. if you want pot belly or any of the specialty cut timbers you will need to purchase the premium Aged Ironbark