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Brisbane and Gold Coast Firewood has always tried  to give the best quality product in our Aged Firewood.



Dry seasoned Ironbark & Western Box would be some of the best burning timbers that you could buy.  Unlike most other types of timber, Ironbark & Box emit very little smoke and do not cause major allergy problems.  They are  a very hot, slow burning timbers, and for every piece of Ironbark or Box Firewood that you burn you would burn two or three pieces of other local types of timber for the same heat output.



Remember, always burn seasoned, aged timber. 


It doesn't matter what you are burning .. just remember to make sure it is well seasoned before putting it in your heater or open fire.


Green timber can be up to 70% less heat efficient, as well as creating problems within your firebox or grate and green timber can also gum up your chimney or flue.








Never under any circumstances burn treated timber in your wood stoves or open fireplaces.  Never burn timber with paint or oil on it as this will emit toxins into your house and also the air outside.  Contaminated firewood can make you extremely sick.

If in doubt if you should burn it .. leave it alone.


Always make sure your timber is well seasoned.  When ordering your firewood always ask questions.  What sort of wood is it, how long has it been dead?  In the case of Ironbark, if it hasn't been dead at least 25 years than it is not seasoned.  It has to be dead a minimum of 25 years, but the older it is the better burning quality it will give.  Most of the timber that comes into our Firewood Yard would be at least 50  years dead .. the older it is the better it will burn.




Timber is a naturally absorbent material, so if it is possible keep it in a shed/carport or cover it with an old tarp or a piece of plastic.













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Not all timbers burn the same, some burn hot and fast and others burn fast with very little heat.  


In Sth East Qld. you have your slow, hot burning timbers such as Ironbark and some of the better quality Aged Box timbers.

Moisture content in Green Firewood … Important information.



One of the biggest factors in wood not burning properly is the moisture content in fresh cut or green wood.   If you are trying to burn green timber you will find the moisture/water content in the green firewood has to be boiled off during the burning process. Freshly cut wood  can have a moisture content greater than 35%. Green wood should never be used for firewood.


Apart from producing very low heat outputs, creosote will form  as part of the combustion, that can then lead to chimney or flue fires  as it will coat the chimney and in turn  can fuel a chimney fire.


Best to just play it safe and stay right away from green firewood.  If you are cutting your own  that’s fine just make sure you give it enough time to season and dry out.

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