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Flamin good Western Box Flamin good Western Box

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Please remember that some areas will have a delivery charge added to the base price shown here.




Quality Aged Seasoned Western Ironbark Firewood


Suitable for Open fires or combustion heaters.

All cut and split to size.

All  Our  Loads  Are  Tipper  Delivered 


All deliveries are done between the hours of 7a.m.  and  5 p.m.

We do not give specific times as it only causes upset if we are delayed.  

If we tell you it is a morning delivery that means anytime between 7a.m. and 12 p.m.  

Afternoon deliveries are any time after 12 p.m.

Payment is either to be given directly to our driver on delivery or prearranged to be paid into our account.  If you are paying directly into the account you will need to supply an email address when you place you order so that your invoice can be sent.

The payment needs to go into our account before the delivery is done.


All deliveries and pick ups are loose loaded into the truck or your trailer

Ph: 3805 9059  

If we are unavailable, please leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP.


Red Hot Winter Warmer Special




Mixed Blend of Western Ironbark and Quailty Mixed Hardwoods    $300 per  load  


This is our base price .. there may be a delivery charge  added depending on your delivery area



Delivered Price 

Please Note:  

The prices below are our base price ..

there may be a delivery charge  

added to all suburbs outside of our immediate delivery area.


Once you tell us your suburb we will give you the total cost including delivery and GST.

NOTE: The timber is usually cut to a lenghth of 300mm - 350mm for Combustion Heaters


The Cubic Metre is equal to a good ute load or two 6 x 4  loose loaded trailer loads


Cubic Metre Load Split Quality Aged Western Ironbark Firewood .. Suitable for Glass Front Combustions     $330


Cubic Metre Load Split Quality Aged Western Firewood ..  Suitable for SmallPot Belly Stoves                       $340


Cubic Metre Load Split Quality Aged Western Firewood ..  Suitable for Pizza Ovens .. Smaller Split              $340


Please remember that some areas will have a delivery charge added to the base price shown here.


We are now offering a Cubic Metre blend of Aged Ironbark and Seasoned Mixed Hardwood        $300


**Kindling is available with all deliveries at a cost of $20 per bag.


Half a Cubic Metre is equal to about 'half a ute load' or One (1) 6 x 4 loose loaded trailer load

The price below is our base local delivery price... delivery may be added once we know what area you are in.



 (1/2) Half Cubic Metre Load Aged Western Firewood   $ 220       Plus Delivery to some areas


**Speciality Cut Pot Belly Firewood is also available .. 

This is for the small Round Pot Belly Stoves NOT Glass fronted Combustion Heaters

Please let us know if you require the smaller cut of Ironbark for your Pot Belly.  

The smaller cut is dearer in cost as there is a lot more work involved in producing this product.




Please Note:


There is an extra charge for all deliveries outside of our immediate delivery range.

We will tell you the total cost once we know your delivery suburb.



Click on the link to take you to Delivery Prices for  Full Truck Loads








If this is your first time purchasing from us Please tell us what size your firebox is on your heater ... if it is a standard combustion heater the firewood will be cut to a length of 30 to 35cm  and the thickness will vary in size as it is all hand split so not a uniform size.  


If you tell us you have a Pot Belly Stove or Heater we will delivery the smaller cut firewood .. in a combustion heater it will burn faster as it is smaller cut ... please keep this in mind when ordering your firewood.  Without the correct information from you we may delivery something different to what you are expecting.


Small pot belly stoves are smaller and the firewood will usually be cut and split much smaller.  The general length of Pot Belly firewood is 20 to 25 cm


Both sizes may vary slightly as it is not uniform cut blocks or sawn timber .. it is bush timber firewood.




tip-truck Aged Box Firewood (2) Bulk Delivery Prices



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