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Flamin good Western Box Flamin good Western Box

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 Bulk Firewood Delivery Prices


Quality Aged Seasoned Western Ironbark Firewood


Suitable for Open fires or combustion heaters.

All cut and split to size.

Phone:  3805 9059

Due to demand of our product


We are now doing deliveries to the northern end of the Gold Coast and parts of the Sunshine Coast 


     At present we are only delivering to areas that are a long distance from our normal deliveries if we have a full truck load.  


This means 3 full loads to be delivered to the one destination. 


        So if you are ordering with family, neighbours or friends you will need to decide where the truck is to be sent and where it is to be delivered and then take it from there.


       We can tip it into 3 seperate piles of firewood to make it easier .. but this is a special price

                           Bulk Delivery Price and it will be delivered to only one address.


Each bay on our truck measures 1.5 C.M. and the wood is loose loaded into the cage/bay  ..  a full truck load is loose loaded.





All  Our  Loads  Are  Tipper  Delivered 



Cost of the truckload Standard Cut Ironbark delivered is                                      $ 880  

Delivery charges may be added depending on where you are


Pizza oven Wood is Specialty Cut and finer split.  A full truckload of Pizza Oven Wood          

  Including GST            This is a much smaller split than the standard cut.           $ 980


Ironbark Firewood ~ Specialty Cut for tiny Pot Belly Stoves                              $ 980  Including GST





Bags of Kindling                                                                                       $ 20.00 per bag


All deliveries are done between the hours of 7a.m.  and  5 p.m.

We do not give specific times as it only causes upset if we are delayed.  

If we tell you it is a morning delivery that means anytime between 7a.m. and 12 p.m.  

Afternoon deliveries are any time after 12 p.m.


All deliveries are loose loaded into the truck


Ph: 3805 9059  

If the phones' are busy please leave a message .. we will phone back


If we are unavailable, please leave a message and we will get back to you ASAP.

All Information, prices and any photographs on this website are copyright to Brisbane and Gold Coast Firewood

Brisbane Delivery Prices .. Please click on this link.



The prices on the linked page are for Brisbane and Logan deliveries  only

Delivered Price

Our Cubic Metre is equal to a good ute load or two 6 x 4  loose loaded trailer loads.

The full truck load is equal to 3 ute loads or 6 loose loaded 6 x 4 trailers.

These are our base prices .. there will be delivery added to those addresses that are a long distance away.

Please Remember the prices above are the base price and may have delivery added to the base cost.